Hosting Matches during Covid 19


Make no mistake, Covid 19 has done significant damage to IPSC, both locally and internationally. Matches have been at an all time low, and rumors are going around that the world shoot will be cancelled altogether. But we are slowly breaking away from the lockdown restrictions, and the paranoia which kept us all at home for so long seems to be waning, along with our sanity.


The ‘new normal’ is in full effect, and as shooters we can begin to adjust our range time to ensure we are in line with Covid regulations and still host matches. Here are the general guidlines that need to be followed when hosting matches:


Covid Forms

All level 2  and level 3 matches need to use the SAPSA-COVID-FORM. Shooters must download this form prior to the match, fill it in and drop it off with the match directors upon arrival. At club level, each club must make sure that they have some sort of screening form, digital or otherwise.



A bottle of hand sanitizer at each stage, as well as at the safety range/s and at any administration table is recommended. Anywhere that shooters are likely to come into shared contact with a surface should have sanitizer.



As much as we hate them, masks ARE an important tool to prevent Covid transmission. Also a surprise visit from the SAPS or Health Department is never an imposibility, we would hate to have ranges shut down for violating Covid regulations. Please

Stage Design

Likewise, any stage design elements that require contact should be avoided. Items such as door handles, tables, hands on demarcated area etc should be avoided or substituted. If one cannot avoid a contact item, then sanitizing is required between shooters.


Social Distancing

An obvious solution to this is to limit squad sizes depending on the size of your facilities. It is also advisable to skip the pre-shoot shooters briefing. Important information can be distributed through the RO’s.