Members of KZNPSA shooting Leagues/KZNCC will be graded into three grades with the following cut of points and rules.


A-Grade – 80% and more.
B-Grade – 60% and more but less than 80%.
C-Grade – less than 60%.


1.) The grade of a Shooter will be based on the Shooters best three shoots of the year (i.e.January to December) in a division.


If he/she has less than three shoots to count, the grade will be determined from the average of the shoots which are available.


The winners of the League average percentage trophies, this is the average percentage of all Leagues but one, for the year will automatically be up-graded, from C to B or B to A. regardless of the average percentage.


Re-Grading is done after the last shoot of the year. A Shooter will automatically be re-graded according to rule 1.


During a year, a Shooter may apply, in writing to be downgraded. The Executive Committee will consider the request on the basis of the Shooters results. The Shooters results will then be monitored and as soon as he/she achieves a score for a higher grade, the Shooter will be up-graded.


2) A new Shooter (i.e. one who has not shot a League or National anywhere) will shoot his/her first shoot as a C grade Shooter.


3.) If a Shooter rejoins KZNPSA or transfers to KZNPSA he/she will shoot the first shoot as an A grade Shooter.
Thereafter his/her grade will be determined from the average of each shoot shot, until sufficient history has been accrued.


A Shooter who changes divisions (i.e. Open/Standard/Production/ Modified) will retain the grading as determined in his/her previous division, until he/she has at least one result in the new division.


Whilst he/she has less than three shoots to count, the grade will be determined from the average of the shoots that are available.


Grading will be based on the results of Leagues and the KZNCC only. Only those results in a single division (i.e. Open, Standard, Production or Classic) will be taken into account.


The IPSC rules will apply regarding the recognition of a Division at Leagues and the KZNCC (i.e. Level 11 shoots).
Visitors will graded A.