KZNPSA Participation Colours


Not to be confused with full colours, KZNPSA Participation Colours is recognition of dedication to the sport. A shooter who receives this award may wear their black blazer to all formal events with the tie and badge.

A shooter will qualify for this accolade if they meet the following criteria:

    1. They must have shot every league but 1 for the year
    2. They must have shot the KZN closed champs
    3. They must have shot at least one nationals



    1. Prior to the KZN annual prize giving, candidates must submit their names and a list of the events they participated in to their club secretary.
    2. The shooter must purchase a plain black blazer
    3. Upon arrival at the prize giving they must hand in their blazer so that it may be handed out with the award.
    4. You will receive your badge and tie with the certificate.