KZNPSA Colours


KZNPSA Colours is recognition of a high level of performance and for representing the province at level lll and level IV events. A shooter who receives this award may wear their black blazer to all formal events with the tie and badge.

A shooter will qualify for this accolade if they meet the following criteria:

    1. They must have represented the province 3 times in any division.
    2. Handgun, rifle and shotgun are separate.



  1. A Members Provincial Team Selection will be viewed over six years of history, starting from January of 2000 to December of 2005. The next six years will be from January 2001 to December 2006 and so on.
  2. A Member must have been selected and represented the Province in a Provincial Team at least once during each Calendar year.
  3. Honours Colours will only be awarded to a Member who has represented the Province at least twelve times during a continuous six year period.
  4. A Member who changes from one Division to another will still be eligible to be awarded the colours.
  5. Provincial Team history gained in any Province other than KZN will not, under any circumstances, be considered.
  6. 6)  A Member must have been affiliated to both SAPSA and KZNPSA for the full six year period under review.



    1. Recipients will be notified if they qualify at the end of the year, before the annual prize giving
    2. The shooter must purchase a plain black blazer
    3. Upon arrival at the prize giving they must hand in their blazer so that it may be handed out with the award.
    4. You will receive your badge and tie with the certificate.