DSS Status


Apply for DSS Status


A shooter with Dedicated Sports Status will be permitted the following privileges by the SAPS:

  1. An unlimited number of firearms under section 16, provided you are able to motivate for those firearms individually.
  2. You may hold more than 200 rounds and more than 2,400 primers per firearm.
  3. A section 16 license will run for 10 years as opposed to the usual 5



  1. One must be a member of a KZNPSA affiliated club, KZNPSA and SAPSA.
  2. The shooter must have accumulated a minimum of 6 points within the last 12 months to apply. These are earned by attending shoots. The following points apply:
    Level 1 Shoot – 1 point
    Level 2 Shoot – 2 points
    Level 3 Shoot – 3 points
    Level 4 Shoot – 4 points
    Level 5 Shoot – 5 points



  1. Download the DSS Application Form
  2. Go to Practiscore.com to find the details of the shoots you have participated in.
  3. Fill in the application form and submit to your club secretary
  4. The club secretary will submit to SAPSA on your behalf.
  5. Your SAPSA profile on the website will be updated and you will be able to download your SAPSA DSS letter



  1. Your club secretary will call for all member’s points in January every year, to submit to SAPSA on your behalf.
  2. Go to Practiscore.com to find the details of the shoots you have participated in.
  3. Let your secretary know how many points you have accumulated.
  4. The secretary will submit all club members points to SAPSA to update the database.
  5. If you do not submit your points you will loose your DSS Status and will need to reapply.



  1. Go to www.sapsa.co.za and go to the Login page
    If you are an existing SAPSA member your profile should already exist.
  2. Username: SAPSA Number
    Password: ID Number
  3. Go to the menu at the top of the page – go to Profile – Certificates – Dedicated Sports Shooter
  4. Your certificate will be available for immediate download
  5. If it is NOT there then either there is a problem with your profile or points have not been submitted, contact your club secretary